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ChiRunning is a natural, energy efficient and injury-free running technique that will make you feel like you are running like the wind! Blending principles of Tai Chi, including core strength and posture, an inner focus, and the natural flow of energy, with the power and strength of running, ChiRunning reduces the impact and allows you to enjoy running for a lifetime.

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Whether new to running, already running to stay fit or seeking a competitive edge, ChiRunning makes running easy by letting gravity do the work. You run from your core muscles, allow gravity to assist your forward momentum, and let your legs relax. This reduces impact and eliminates the cause of injury, helping you to run more safely, run for longer, feel lighter and more relaxed, run faster, and enjoy running for a lifetime!

If you are a more competitive runner, the techniques and training principles of ChiRunning will help you become physically and mentally aligned with success. You will discover the zone where your body and mind work in perfect synchronicity and where speed comes from deep relaxation and an alert awareness.

Overall, running helps you to stay fit and healthy, clear your mind, manage your weight, relieve stress and feel fabulous. By learning the ChiRunning techniques, you can enjoy these benefits for the rest of your life!

ChiRunning has been known to reduce, prevent and even fix the following injuries: ITB Syndrome, Patellofemoral Syndrome (often referred to as Runner's Knee), Shin Splits, Plantar Faciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Stress Fractures, Sciatica, Low Back and Hip Pain and Tightness, and Hamstring, Hip Flexors and Calf Pain.

"Running does not hurt your body. It's the way you run that does the damage and causes pain."

~ Danny Dreyer, founder of ChiRunning and ChiWalking

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Learn from experienced Certified ChiRunning Instructor

Certified ChiRunning and ChiWalking Instructor

Sally Mitchell

Running Coach and Certified ChiRunning Instructor, Sally Mitchell, is based in Sonoma, California. Sally has been running for over 20 years and has competed in multiple running and triathlon races, including marathons, half marathons and various distances of triathlons, qualifying for Boston marathon and the Olympic and 70.3 Triathlon World Championships.

Sally is passionate about sharing the techniques that have helped her eliminate injuries, run easier and faster!

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We love teaching ChiRunning group workshops and private classes.

We also teach ChiRunning during some of our Yoga and Running Retreats in as part of Body Flows Retreats.

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Customer Testimonials


"Sally is an excellent instructor. Her insight and feedback on my running style was valuable and will overall help my progress. The video comments were extremely helpful. It is nice to have that visual correlation with her added comments."


"Thank you so much! What an amazing class. I learned so much! It was really helpful to me, especially since I am a beginner runner! I hope to attend another class soon. You are the best!"


"Sally was wonderful! Warm, knowledgeable, funny and just really adept at getting chi running across to a bunch of novices. I will be taking her Level 2 class to improve upon what she so brilliantly got across in this class. Running will never be the same for me again- in the BEST way possible! Thanks, Sally!"


"Awesome, just what I was hoping for. Class taught just what it promised, Sally was great and the 4 hours was perfect for giving us all the tips necessary for good form . Can't wait to run injury free for years and years!"


"I want to thank you for teaching me ChiRunning! I took one of your intro classes in the Presidio a couple of year ago, and did a refresher run along the Marina last year. I just started running for the first time in my life 3 years ago at age 58, and knew I didn't want to end up one of those injured runners. This weekend at age 61, I did a 15K run at a pace of 11'20", and didn't feel the least bit sore afterwards. I know it has everything to do with knowing ChiRunning!"


"I learned so much about running from Sally. I loved the class and she was so patient with all of us. I can't wait to attend another session with her."


"Thanks so much for the wonderful workshop, Sally! I finally got to run solo yesterday and had a lot of success with my running. I ran almost the entire 4 miles with the Chi posture. Afterwards, I did notice that my muscles were not really that tired and I am not sore today. Thanks again!"


"My running injuries are healing well thanks to you and ChiRunning. I can even run on pavement without further damaging my body. Also, bruising on my toes are almost gone. You are a miracle worker!"


"Thanks so much for the class and the video feedback. I got so much more instruction than from just reading the book; you are a great teacher/coach!"


"It was a great learning experience for beginner and intermediate runners. Everything we learned made a difference in my form."

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